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Wildfire 2017

What is the Wildfire leadership conference?

The Wildfire leadership conference is an event specifically designed for leaders, entrepreneurs and growth minded individuals. We seek to provide an environment that is highly conducive to personal, professional and relational growth.

Participants not only have the opportunity to connect with others that are traveling along the journey of entrepreneurship and leadership, they also have the opportunity to hear from multiple inspiring speakers that have achieved a level of success. and are passionate about distilling the wisdom they have gained to those hungry to learn and grow!

We believe that everyone has the ability to discover, know and maximize their personal gifts for the purpose of living a fulfilling and rich life oriented towards making the world a better place. We are passionate about seeing everyone grab hold of these gifts and ignite the wildfire of possibility waiting for them as they boldly move forward! Our prayer and hope is that they may find this at the Wildfire Leadership Conference.

Who are the speakers?

We have a stellar panel of speakers planned for the benefit of all Lubbock business owners. VIP ticket buyers come early to get Kai Evans' insider perspective on Adventure Park and the Lubbock Aquarium. Stay for General Admission to hear the brilliance of Zachary Watkins, the expertise of Tim Tivis, and Brandon Mulkey, one of Lubbock most successful franchise operators.


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The Wildfire Leadership Conference offers several ways to do so

VIP Ticket: Pre-party at 6:30pm
General Admission at 7:30
Annual Membership
Monthly Membership

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  • At the Wildfire Leadership Conference, I realized that no matter how high up one goes in status, influence, or power, leadership will always be dynamic. The bare foundations of leadership begin with the 24 hours we all have to make an impact for good in the lives of others, and Dr. Cordero embodied that at Wildfire when he shared his stories with his talk. Leadership grows from a microlevel stance, until the impact affects the macrolevel.
    Asher George
  • I jumped at the opportunity to join Wildfire 2017.  I've been to leadership workshops all over the world and this is exactly what Lubbock needs right now.  Come be a part of the contagious energy and learn more about your own capacity to lead given the examples of those on stage and in the audience beside you.
    Jonathan Blackwell
  • Wildfire 2016 was an incredible experience!  Not only did I learn extremely relevant and valuable information from Dr. Cordero, our gifted speaker, I also had the opportunity to connect with and be encouraged by other leaders and entrepreneurs.  If you want to super charge your growth as a leader, go to Wildfire.
    Javier Lomeli


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